This is a demo of website GDPR compliance for my clients. It’s not a pretty site, it’s simply designed to show how the websites I build for clients are made to be GDPR compliant. If you have questions, call me on 01502 586049.

Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice.

GDPR Summary for Website Owners.

In general, there are 3 things required to make a your website GDPR compliant.

1. Cookie Compliance Manager.
2. Privacy Policy
3. Website Terms and Conditions.

Quick Facts about Website GDPR Compliance.

1. It’s a legal requirement. There is no avoiding it.
2. It puts undue pressure on the MAJORITY of small businesses / website owners, but it’s still a legal requirement.
3. We are leaving the EU, but it’s will still be a legal requirement after we’ve left the EU.
4. It’s surprisingly likely that that you’ll have to register with the ICO and pay a Data Protection Fee of about £40 per year.
5. Most of your competitors won’t bother being compliant or registered with the ICO, but still it’s a legal requirement.
6. ALL websites install at least 1 cookie. You are required to inform visitors of the cookie.
7. The ICO have introduced a complaints procedure. Read More.

The bits I take care of for client websites.

The most cost effective solution involves me installing x3 Plugins on your website. One is FREE. Two require a Paid License.

  1. I install and configure the the website cookie compliance function on your website that requires the visitor to explicitly agree to certain cookies being set on the device they are using. It’s the pop up that appeared when you arrived on this website.
    (If this is a repeat visit you’ll not see it again until click the change your consent link on the Cookie Policy page.)
  2. I create and set up the Cookie Settings page on your website that allows visitors to change their cookie consent settings for your website. See it here.
  3. I create the Privacy Policy page for your website. NOTE: I can provide you with a Privacy Policy Template, but YOU must provide me your privacy policy text. I cannot write YOUR privacy policy.
  4. I create the Website Term & Conditions page for your website. NOTE: I can provide you with a Website Terms & Conditions template, but YOU must provide me with your Website Terms & Conditions Text. I cannot write your Terms and Conditions.

For items #4 and #5 I highly recommend Simply Docs. It’s brilliant. It has templates for hundreds of business documents including Privacy Policies & Website Terms and Conditions. They charge £35 + VAT. You download the templates as a Word Document and change the information that’s specific to your business. Check it out at

Learn more about GDPR Compliance for you business.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has put together a bunch of resources for Micro, small and medium organisations. I highly recommend you read up on your legal obligations and take advantage of the online tools they have made available here.

Most Notable Online Tools:



Don’t shoot the messenger. GDPR wasn’t my idea!

I can still build you a great looking website If you decide to ignore GDPR compliance requirements, but there may be certain cases, dependent on the nature of your business or the technical requirements (ecommerce payment processing for example), where I’ll have to decline if you decide not to be GDPR compliant.

GDPR for Websites with 1 – 99 Pages

For websites with up to 99 pages it’s a one-time fee of £245.00

GDPR for Websites with 100 – 499 Pages

Websites with 100 – 499 pages require Monthly Administration of the Cookie Management Function. It’s the same set up fee of £245.00, then a yearly fee of £300.